City Comforts, Natural Wonders

Steamy is a king room with a honeybee tile motif bathroom.  The room is bright and sunny during the day, and the charming folk art motifs will make you smile.



Welcome to the Catskills

Camp has a vintage feel.  Decorated with camp crafts and arrowheads you know you are in the forest. Locally sourced tables from a local craftsman made with wood from our own property decorate this room.



Charming, Light and Cozy

Wake up overlooking the mill pond and gaze into the forest beyond.  When you're ready, come downstairs for a cup of coffee. Drink it in your room while observing the local wildlife in the early morning.   



Classic Romance

Honeymoon is our largest room. It overlooks the pond and contains a sitting area, with several comfortable couches.  The carpeted room is decorated with hand stenciled walls in peaceful, soothing colors -- the perfect place to awake whether you've just eloped or are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary.

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